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                  BSAC Membership Subscription update

Membership subscription 2013 update

BSAC will be incorporating a small increase to the annual BSAC membership subscriptions, with effect from 1st March, 2013. This increase has been made as a result of inflationary increases but remains below the current rate of inflation.

The revised membership fees mean that, from 1.3.2013, full BSAC Branch membership will be £55.50 and BSAC Direct £65.50. The complete 2013 list for all of BSAC's associated membership fee categories can be found at

The revised rates will be shown on all renewal forms issued from January 2013 and for those members paying by Direct Debit, their payments will be adjusted accordingly. Direct Debit payers will be notified via email of the new amount before their accounts being debited.

BSAC works to ensure its membership fees and any necessary increases are kept to a minimum and we hope that you and your fellow club members are still enjoying being part of the Club. As BSAC enters its 60th year, your membership remains as invaluable as ever. It enables BSAC to continue to move forward in terms of diver training, safety and sport development as well as ensuring we continue to make an impact as the sport's Governing Body.

With your on-going support we will continue to enhance our membership offering, develop our training courses and engage even more young people and new members into our sport.

We will also continue to work to increase BSAC's role as a body active in marine conservation and in support of the Marine Conservation Society, the Plastic Oceans Foundation and the RNLI.

Once again, thank you for your continued support for BSAC.

Mary Tetley,
BSAC Chief Executive

For inquiries please contact the BSAC Membership Team on 0151 350 6201 or email

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